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Sales and Use Tax Services

The sales and use tax arena is complex and constantly changing. So is your business. This constant motion among all entities increases the importance of creating a robust sales and use tax plan and regularly updating that plan.   True Partners Consulting will identify and incorporate future tax trends to keep your tax department up to date.  Our professionals will review your compliance functions for current exposures and evaluate your operations for nexus and registration requirements.  We can clarify your obligations within specific states or identify areas where a practice change may provide potential exemptions, exclusions, rebates, or savings opportunities.  Together, we bring smart strategic thinking and real world experience to find and deliver bottom line value in your sales and use tax plan.

Our services include:

  • Nexus Studies
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Reverse Audits
  • Audit Defense and Appeals
  • Sales and Use Tax Process Improvement and Automation
  • Advanced Sales and Use Tax Planning
  • Compliance Outsourcing


Donald   Bast
Donald Bast
Managing Director
Tel. No:312-235-3301
Fax No:312.235.3351
Russell   Lee
Russell Lee
Managing Director
Tel. No:408-625-5057
Fax No:408-625-5107
Kristin   Mauer
Kristin Mauer
Director of Business Development
Tel. No:408-625-5069
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