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Multistate Income and Franchise Tax Refund Reviews

True Partners Consulting’s professionals provide an in depth analysis of your company’s previously filed state income and franchise tax returns with the goals of finding ways to increase your revenue position and improve your bottom line.  Our Refund Review analyzes regulations, laws, compliance procedures, reporting posture, and court developments in order to identify and secure tax refunds.  Some of the areas we focus in our reviews include modifications, apportionment methodologies, filing options, unitary taxation, gross receipt taxes, franchise taxes, and statutory credits.  We will also develop strategic state tax minimizing positions that may yield more favorable outcomes or exemptions than the current course of action. In addition, our results will help you to improve your compliance and avoid overpayments in the future.  True Partners Consulting offers an extensive but focused examination that identifies all pertinent opportunities that may arise in the course of our evaluation.  We will pursue those opportunities ardently to bring real value to your business.

Patrick J.   Philpott
Patrick J. Philpott
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Ron L.   Tambasco
Ron L. Tambasco
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