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Commerce does not stop at the borders of the United States. Capital, supplies, products, and services now flow seamlessly over national borders. Companies that fail to operate globally cannot compete effectively.

Unfortunately, tax laws do not make it easy for businesses to operate in this global environment. The United States, in particular, has a tax system designed more to raise tax revenue than to facilitate international commerce. Thus, a business without advisors who command the knowledge, experience, and practicality to navigate the complexities of international taxation is at a grave disadvantage.

True Partners Consulting’s International Tax Services professionals give companies the resources to achieve their business goals while managing all aspects of their global tax burden. Our experienced practitioners—together with our network of foreign affiliates—provide hands-on tax planning, transfer pricing, tax compliance, and tax consulting support for the fullest range of international operations. We can help all types of multinational companies—from the largest global enterprise to a small manufacturer just beginning to think about selling its products overseas.


True Partners Consulting can provide tax coverage in more than 80 countries across the globe.

We offer a wide range of tax services, covering all phases of international activities, including:

  • Cross-border M&A and joint ventures
  • Planning for intangibles
  • Transfer pricing planning
  • APB 23 analysis
  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • Global tax provision preparation and review
  • Repatriation of foreign earnings
  • Interest expense apportionment
  • Foreign tax credit maximization
  • Turn-key tax support for inbound investment
  • E&P and tax pool determinations
  • Tax return compliance
  • Software implementation for tax provision, planning, and compliance

Governments around the world are constantly changing their tax laws to aggressively pursue increased revenues. Our international tax professionals therefore maintain their mastery of the latest technical rules and policy trends to offer the best options for our clients.

We understand that every company is different, so our experienced professionals design customized solutions that are flexible and respond to each client’s needs and desires. We assemble a unique, tailored team of professionals to identify tax savings opportunities, meet business objectives, and ensure compliance with all applicable filing and reporting requirements.

Questions? Contact any member of our International Tax Team below. 

FTI_TaxTrue Partners is proud to be a founding member of the FTI Consulting Global Tax Network. FTI Consulting Global Tax Network provides high quality tax advisory and compliance services to large multinational clients across all industry sectors, advising on all areas of commercial taxation including worldwide tax structuring, transfer pricing, mergers & acquisitions and local compliance obligations. Learn more at FTI.tax. 

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