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Accounting for Income Taxes

True Partners Accounting for Income Tax Services are designed to help guide companies through the regulatory and subjective maze of ASC 740. 

Our team of highly experienced professionals bring a deep understanding of tax law, tax accounting requirements, and the process of documenting and supporting positions to every engagement.  Not bound by Sarbanes-Oxley related conflicts, we are the independent advocates best positioned to serve our clients.  True Partners can help you stay ahead of the curve in managing the complexities associated with ASC 740—from the initial review of your tax provision and uncertain tax positions to reflect the most recent changes in tax law, to complying with financial reporting requirements of accounting for income taxes.

We can also provide assistance in designing and implementing your tax accounting processes and related internal controls to ensure your company identifies and properly complies with all ASC 740 obligations.

Our services include:

  • Preparation, review and support of quarterly and annual tax provisions
  • Implementation of tax provision automation software
  • Accounting for income taxes related to various stock awards
  • IFRS income tax accounting consulting
  • Income tax accounting for purchase accounting requirements of business combinations
  • Documentation of uncertain tax positions and updating assessments of changes in judgment that might result in the recognition, de-recognition, and changes in the measurement of such tax positions
  • Preparation of current and deferred tax analyses and support for valuation allowances
  • Support and assistance with tax-related restatements of financial statements or pro forma financial statements
  • Assistance in drafting required footnote disclosures
  • Creating or testing internal controls related to tax processes, including SOX documentation
  • Development of an integrated strategy to report uncertain tax positions on Schedule UTP, protect privileged documents, and prepare an appropriate audit defense plan to address inevitable challenges by the IRS and state tax authorities
  • In-depth review leading to process improvements, training, and much more
John V.   Aksak
John V. Aksak
Managing Director
Tel. No:631-777-6310
Fax No:631.777.6360
John P.   Bennecke
John P. Bennecke
Managing Director
Tel. No:312-235-3337
Fax No:312-243-3387
Alexis   Bergman
Alexis Bergman
Tel. No:312-235-3323
Fax No:312-235-3373
Michael   Chen
Michael Chen
Managing Director
Tel. No:408-625-5088
Fax No:408.625.5138
Michael L.   Dembek
Michael L. Dembek
Managing Director
Tel. No:312-924-3228
Gregg P.   Dluginsky
Gregg P. Dluginsky
Managing Director
Tel. No:631-777-6311
Fax No:631.777.6361
James T.   Hedderman
James T. Hedderman
Managing Director
Tel. No:312-924-3217
Fax No:3129243267
Cathleen   Kennedy
Cathleen Kennedy
Tel. No:631-777-6309
Kristin   Mauer
Kristin Mauer
Director of Business Development
Tel. No:408-625-5069
Bernadette   McConie
Bernadette McConie
Managing Director
Tel. No:631-777-6314
Fax No:631.777.6364
Ryan   McKenzie
Ryan McKenzie
Managing Director
Tel. No:813-434-4015
Michael   O Connor
Michael O Connor
Managing Director
Tel. No:312-235-3320
Ross J.   Valenza
Ross J. Valenza
Managing Director
Tel. No:813-434-4002
Fax No:813.434.4052
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